What we do

With experience gained across the commercial sector and within Fundraising for charities, Wright Approach Marketing provides a service offering which can be tailored to your organization.

Here are the most popular services our clients are enjoying:

  • Fundraising & Donor Insights Review - An all encompassing report that provides an overview of fundraising performance over a 5-7 year period. Including Benchmarked attrition rates, and Lifetime value of new donors over 3 and 5 years, donor profiling and high value giving. These reviews have been provided in recent years for the likes of UNICEF Australia, Environment Victoria, MS Australia, Trust for Nature, Launch Housing, Berry Street, and many more.
  • Bequest Prospect/Affinity Scoring - Involves reviewing the donor database to unearth those hidden gems in your database. Recent scoring models have been featured as part of succesful case studies for UNICEF and Plan International Australia (where the scoring has helped grow bequest confirms from 2 to over 300 in 2 years)
  • Regular Giving Modelling - These are largely bespoke activities and involve providing support to be build a model that can be managed in-house with relative ease. Current models built for clients are delivering forecasts within 1% of actual income
  • Appeal Support - This is aimed at those charities with the creative skills to do an appeal inhouse, but without necessarily the data experise or budget to use big agencies. This service provides an in-house support functionality to help score and create a file for targeting, deliver creative guidance, and then wrap-up the campaign with a results overview to build on results for the next campaign


Our Service Offering for Charities

Wright Approach provides a wide range of services including the development of strategic plans, business models for new products, Identifying donors for Bequests (planned Giving), support with the data selection for appeals, and advising on the key metrics you need to focus on for success. We can also help you develop a supporter experience for donors aquired through face to face fundraising, as well as providing project management and targeting advice for individual fundraising campaigns.

Our Commercial Businesses service offering

Wright Approach will align strong strategic planning and analytical capabilities to help you plan and identify insights in relation to your customers and marketing campaigns. Working closely with you, we look to develop alternative scenarios and options for your business. We can help you to develop appropriate activities, test their relative validity, and make strategic recommendations based on sound assumptions.


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